The Institution started as a Kiddie School in 1981. This was founded by Miss. Alice T. Sioto, an outstanding teacher of Philippine Cheng Kuang School located at San Juan Metro Manila, to provide a loving and caring learning environment for preschool age 3 1/2 – 6 years old. Initially Classes were held simultaneously in a garage with 8 nursery and 7 kindergarten pupils with the founder the teacher herself. The preschool was given recognition in 1993.<

The desire to give more service,and better education to children of the community and the request made by parents to continue the education started in Pre-school. Grade one was offered in 1985 and the Kiddie School was changed to what is now known as Greenland Academy, A name taken when the place was still lush with greenery, as this was surrounded by rice fields. The rest of the elementary grades followed in the succeeding years. On July 29, 1991, the Department of Education, Culture and Sports granted the Elementary Course Recognition. The first elementary graduation was held on March, 1990 with 12 graduates.

The secondary level started operation in 1996 with the first and second year level as its initial offering. Government recognition was granted on December 9, 1997 for secondary level, from VII to X.

From the past to present, Greenland Academy stood up as a bastion and epitome of quality education desired and expected by the parents and the students who had been under her fold. The children who graduated from her fold were receiving honors and recognition in schools they have enrolled into.

Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo awarded Presidential Medallion to the Millenium Greenland Academy graduates in March 25, 2000. In September 8, 2000, the school won first place in the first inter-school competition “Jubilee Song Interpretation Contest”.

To date, Greenland Academy excels in different competitions in National and International competitions. Greenland Academy gained champions in different competitions such as robotics, I.T., academics, literary, musical and sports.

Today, Greenland Academy enjoys prestigious name in its commitment to be an ideal Filipino Christian community and an excellent center for academic development.